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Rotator Cuff Strengthening: The Wrong Solution To The Wrong Question

Looking for rotator cuff strengthening exercises is the wrong solution to the wrong question, for two primary reasons:

  1. The rotator cuff group of muscles are stabilising muscles.As stabilisers, their role is exactly that: to stabilise the shoulder. As the prime movers move the shoulder, the rotator cuff stabilise the movement.Therefore, their role is about endurance and stabilisation, not strength
  2. Isolating individual muscles in this way completely overlooks the way your body works and, specifically, the way your shoulder works.

Your body functions as a unit, so singling out the tiny rotator cuff group and giving them a strengthening program completely overlooks the reason why they feel like they need strengthening.

If you have shoulder pain, and I’m sure you do as you probably wouldn’t be looking for rotator cuff strengthening exercises if you didn’t, then you need to correct the position of your shoulder, rather than strengthening those poor little rotator cuff guys.

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