Do You Have A Problem You Can't Seem To Resolve, Or A Desire You Can't Seem To Create?

If you have pain, stress or things on your mind that keep bothering you and you'd like to be rid of ...

Or if there are things you'd like to create and achieve in your life but, for whatever reason, you haven't created and achieved it yet ...

The usual culprit for blocking achievement is feeling stuck, which is usually because of invisible blocks. You know something's getting in your way, but you don't know what.

And the usual culprits for things that still bother you are past experiences. But not just your own past experiences.

It's often the past experiences of your ancestors, the collective and other sources that create your biggest challenges.

The reason you haven't achieved the results you desire from previous work is because these experiences haven't been identified and deleted for you.

If that's you, then one-on-one calls with me will assist you to:

  • Get rid of what you don't want, and
  • Create what you do want

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Beyond Coaching, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Expectations

Don't expect a lot of talking in these sessions. All you need to do is give a brief description of the problem.

From there I'll go to work and find what's in the filing cabinet of your consciousness that's keeping your pain, stress and other problems in place ... and what's standing in the way of you creating what you want.

You don't need to give many details — a brief summary is all that's needed.

Resolution In Minutes, Not Months

Other modalities will book you in for a one hour session, once a week for several months. Some will even have you coming back three times a week for months on end. Sometimes years.

That's not how these sessions will be.

I'll work on what's bothering you and clear whatever I find is in the way. Then I'll check in with you to see if it feels the same or different.

When you feel neutral to the problem and I feel there's nothing left to do, we'll end the session there.

Bank Your Unused Minutes

If you purchased 50 minutes and we only used 18 minutes, you'll have 32 minutes 'in the bank' to use in your next session.

In other words, you carry over any unused minutes for use on your next session.

I won't keep you talking with general chit-chat to pass the time.

I want to get you off the call as soon as possible so you can get on with your life and go out and create.

What Next?

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