If you’re like most people who have read Pain Free by Pete Egoscue, you probably had a lightbulb go on when you did so. You also quite likely feel like you’ve found the answer to your pain problems.And hopefully you have. Something I’ve noticed with people who’ve read Pain Free is they can sometimes be so taken

Looking for rotator cuff strengthening exercises is the wrong solution to the wrong question, for two primary reasons:The rotator cuff group of muscles are stabilising muscles.As stabilisers, their role is exactly that: to stabilise the shoulder. As the prime movers move the shoulder, the rotator cuff stabilise the movement.Therefore, their role is about endurance and stabilisation, not strengthIsolating individual

Most of the injuries that most people suffer with aren’t because of some high impact sporting event, but are more often than not due to everyday accumulated microtrauma. You can think of accumulated microtrauma as being like “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. If you have asymmetries present in your body, ‘basic’ movements that you perform