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3 Essential Tips To Get The Most From Pain Free by Pete Egoscue

If you’re like most people who have read Pain Free by Pete Egoscue, you probably had a lightbulb go on when you did so. You also quite likely feel like you’ve found the answer to your pain problems.

And hopefully you have.

Pain Free Pete Egoscue — book cover

Something I’ve noticed with people who’ve read Pain Free is they can sometimes be so taken in by the language and the ‘simplicity’ of what Pete talks about, that they subjugate themselves to his words.

I've heard various comments on so many occasions from people that have read Pain Free that it's become quite clear there are times when their experience is telling them something different to what they've read, yet they continue to 'push on and hope it gets better', such are the power of words.

So here are my three top tips for getting the most from Pain Free by Pete Egoscue (and from any exercise program in general):​

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