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Microtrauma That Accumulates Is Your Body’s Worst Enemy

Most of the injuries that most people suffer with aren’t because of some high impact sporting event, but are more often than not due to everyday accumulated microtrauma.

You can think of accumulated microtrauma as being like “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

If you have asymmetries present in your body, ‘basic’ movements that you perform on a day-to-day basis – every single day of your life – will be creating microtrauma in your body.

And it’s these accumulated microtrauma that are the number one cause of virtually all bodily aches and pains – from the all-too-familiar back pain to the less familiar plantar fasciitis – and a whole host of other symptoms and ailments in between.

An asymmetry is very simply a difference from one side to the other (i.e. not symmetrical).

Most of the time, we think of this as being a difference from left to right, but an asymmetry can also exist from front to back.

When there are imbalances from left to right, one common type of asymmetry that will often present itself is rotation. Rotation can be present as pelvic rotation or thoracic (upper body) rotation, or both.

That means one side of the body is further forward than the other, which also means when you bend down to pick something up, or to fasten your footwear, or anything else that requires you to bend forward, you’re doing it with torque in your body…

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