Yuen Method Can Resolve Any Problem In Any Area of Your Life.

Here's How

What bothers you most in your life right now?

Is it the few extra pounds you can't shake? The sneaky chocolate bar you eat every day (and then give yourself a hard time about)?

Or is it your finances, your career or your purpose?

Maybe for you your biggest concern is your relationships. How are things with your marriage, your family, your boss or your co workers? Or does everyone seem to piss you off?!

How about your daily tipple that started as a treat but seems to have become a (growing) habit?

Are you in a good place emotionally right now?

And what about your body and physical challenges? Do you have back, knee, shoulder or any other type of joint pain?

Do you have allergies and intolerances?

How well are your digestive and reproductive systems of your body functioning?

Is your body ageing as gracefully as you would like?

The Connections & Interplay of Problems

If you're like most people, you might think that all these problems are separate and unrelated from one another. You might even think that some of them are unresolvable.

And if any of them bother you enough to seek help for them, you'd probably go to separate people for each one.

But what's really creating these or other problems in your life?

When you answer that question, the steps you take to resolve them can change dramatically.

Every now and then, someone comes along and shakes up the status quo. Somebody looks at problems in a completely different way. And they discover what appear to be secrets hidden in plain sight.

One such gentleman is Dr. Kam Yuen, creator of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, known as The Yuen Method.

For the past 50+ years, Dr. Yuen has been transforming people's lives with his understanding of how problems really come to be. And with that, how to resolve them.

Not mask or suppress the symptoms, but actually resolve the problem. And resolve them in a quick and effective way.

But how can one system resolve so many seemingly unrelated problems? Surely each problem needs its own 'specialist' to resolve it?

Actually, no.

When you understand how you're created and how your body, mind and spirit functions as a whole, you then understand how resolution of many disparate problems becomes quite simple.

What is The Yuen Method?

The Yuen Method is based on the understanding that you are a bio-computer.

With your computer at home or at work, you don't need to know how all the components combine to make up the machine.

You also don't need to understand code to be able to use the apps you use. It just matters that you can use the software to do what you need it to do.

Likewise, you know there are certain things you can depend on your computer to do every time. For example, if there's a file on your computer that you no longer need, you delete it.

If there's an app or piece of software you no longer use, you uninstall it.

And if a virus infects your computer, you run an antivirus program to get rid of it.

With the Yuen Method, you can do the same thing with your life experiences.

The Yuen Method is unique in its approach to resolving anything you perceive to be a problem in your life.

At its most basic, the premise of the Yuen Method is simple:

  • You are a bio-computer, with 'bits of data' held within your consciousness
  • Problems you experience are the result of 'outdated or corrupt data'
  • Outdated or corrupt date creates weaknesses or blockages in the flow of your energy
  • Weaknesses or blockages in the flow of your energy manifest as the pain, stress and other problems you experience in your life
  • The Yuen Method is a very simple, direct method of feeling for the weaknesses, and then deleting them

You can delete anything that you perceive as a problem in your life.

This is what Dr. Kam Yuen has discovered, formulated into a process and teaches others over the past 50+ years.

The difference between you and your computer is that you don't have a physical delete button.

The way to delete your own files and apps is by way of acknowledgement. And it doesn't have to be you that acknowledges the information held in your consciousness.

We're all bio-computers and we are all 'hooked up to the cloud', linked together with human Wi-Fi.

The 'cloud' that you, me and everyone else is hooked up to is consciousness. The 'Wi-Fi' we use to communicate and transfer data is telepathic communication.

If you think telepathic communication is something out of the movies or reserved for psychics, think again.

You are constantly tuned into other people's thoughts, beliefs and energies. And vice-versa: other people are tuned into yours.

We're swimming in a sea of consciousness and are affecting each other all the time. Most of what you experience isn't even coming from you, even though it may feel like it is.

There are any number of sources, causes and reasons (SCRs) of your problems.

Acknowledgement of the true SCRs of your problems will delete them.

It makes no difference whether the acknowledgement comes from you or from someone else.

Binary Code & Your Energetic Switches

Computers and smart phones use binary code to represent data. That data is the output you see on your screen or hear through your speakers. Binary code is a two-symbol system that uses 0 (zero) and 1 (one) to represent data.

When it comes to you and your inner binary code, you can think of it this way: 0 is "off" or "weak". And 1 is "on" or "strong".

This is one of the foundational pillars of the Yuen Method: that your body functions like a binary computer. You have two responses to everything that happens in your life: Strong or weak. On or off.

Any action, thought, belief, reaction... either weakens you, or it strengthens you.

When you're strong to what's important to you, your energy flows freely. But when you're weak, your energy flow is impeded.

An accumulation of weaknesses builds into an ailment, an issue or a problem. As energy becomes impeded, it creates stagnation, which leads to blockages.

Your inner Bio-Computer processes millions of instructions per second. At the same time, it monitors and regulates every function happening inside your body.

Your body is very much like a computer in yet another way, with its many chips. A computer chip is nothing more than thousands of tiny switches that can turn on or off.

In a similar way, you can say that thousands of tiny switches program every aspect of your life. Your switches are either on, or off.

Things either work for you, or they don't. They either strengthen you, or they weaken you.

It's the combination of these 'on and off settings' that create what you experience in your life. Whether wanted or not.

It's Never What You Think It Is

Another key discovery Dr. Yuen made is that what you think is causing your problem, never is.

What you think is creating your weaknesses and turning your switches off, isn't.

If you've ever found yourself bothered by something, and you think it's because of X, Y or Z but the problem is still there... Then that's not what's causing it.

The true sources, causes and reasons of your problems are never what you think they are.

If what you thought was causing your problem was really the cause, it would have resolved itself. Remember, acknowledgement is your 'delete button'.

Conversely, if you insist something is the cause of your problem when it isn't, that will add to the problem. Because now you have two things:

  1. The original problem, plus,
  2. The misinformation you're giving yourself about why the problem exists

How Does The Yuen Method Work?

At its most simplest, the Yuen Method works by acknowledgment.

When you identify the true sources, causes and reasons of your problem and you acknowledge it, that deletes the problem. Or at least it will delete that element of the problem.

There could be any number of elements coming together to create the thing that bothers you.

Let's assume your problem has only one element creating it. Once you've identified that element, your problem will disappear immediately.

It will resolve on the spot.

It's not usually the case that only one thing is creating your problem, though. There are often many things that come together to create whatever bothers you.

Your problem — such as 'my back pain' or 'my problem with money' — may feel like a single thing. But when you feel into the situation and uncover what's held in your consciousness, you'll find many elements have combined.

It may be a few elements. And it can also be millions, billions or even an infinite number of elements coming together.

The good news is that we don't have to find and acknowledge every single element to clear the problem.

Remember, you are a bio-computer. You have infinite resources and infinite physical intelligence. Which means there are ways to perform 'batch clearings', in much the same way as your desktop computer does.

What Makes The Yuen Method Different From Other Modalities?

Several things make the Yuen Method different – and more effective — than other modalities.

What makes the Yuen Method unique is its understanding of the structure of problems.

Many elements combine together to create problems. When things combine together, they form a structure.

One brick on its own is just a brick. Many bricks combined together create a wall. And many walls combined together create a building, or a structure.

Using this understanding, Dr. Yuen has evolved the Yuen Method to make use of geometry and geometric shapes.

How do all the elements of the issue relate to one another? And how do they come together to create your unique experience?

A Look At Dr. Yuen's Discovery of Geometric Structure

When one thing stands on its own, it's unstable.

For example, you can mount a camera on a single pole camera stand, called a monopod

Compared to holding a camera in your hands, a monopod offers more stability. But you can't let go of the monopod. If you do, your camera will fall to the floor.

You don't ever see a camera pole with two legs because that would be pointless.

But when you add a third leg, the stand now becomes stable. We know these stands as tripods.

A tripod creates a stable base.

You could walk away from a tripod, and when you come back, it will still be standing.

Yuen Method Triads and More

Let's take that concept and apply it to resolving your life problems.

When you identify and acknowledge one element of your problem, you'll feel and notice a shift. But the change won't be stable.

Identify and acknowledge a second element and the shift will be stronger. But it still won't be stable.

But once you identify a third element and have acknowledged it, you then have a triad.

Triads are the the first stable structure in nature. And they're also the first Geometric Structure used in the Yuen Method.

After the Triad, the Yuen Method uses:

  • Pentagons
  • Hexagons
  • Octagons

But we always start with triads.

Once you create a triad — or any geometric shape — you have a structure. And as with all structures, it has walls and boundaries.

Now we can also look at, and address, how those three elements combine together and support each other.

What's the relationship between the elements? How do they affect each other? Are they strong separately and strong coming together?

Many other modalities address the contents of consciousness. But, as far as I'm aware, no other modality looks at and addresses the structure of consciousness.

This is unique to the Yuen Method.

What Else Makes The Yuen Method Different?

Another key principle Dr. Yuen discovered is: Always start with the Leading Weakness.

As you've seen above, many elements combine to create the problems you have. So to achieve the most effective resolution, we always look for the primary element first. The Leading Weakness.

In other words, which 'switch' is 'off' that needs to turned 'on' before all others? 

Of all the separate elements of the problem, which has the greatest weakening effect on you?

Keeping in mind one of the previous core principles: It's never what you think it is.

For example, there are modalities that focus on one thing when resolving problems.

Examples of 'One Thing' Type Processes
  • Belief change work
  • Inner child work
  • Emotional work
  • Polarity work
  • Trauma resolution work
  • Plus many more

These can all be great. But they are specialised fields, in that they treat all clients and all problems with the same tool.

Belief change work always looks for the beliefs you're holding. But are your beliefs the leading weakness in the creation of your problem?

Trauma resolutuon work always looks for your life traumas. But are your traumatic experiences the leading weakness in the creation of your problem?

In contrast, the Yuen Method doesn't assume any one of these things is the cause of your problem. These things may come up as components of the problem. And when they do, they're deleted — on the spot.

What might take an entire session — or series of sessions — in other modalitiies usually takes a few minutes using the Yuen Method.

It's not miraculous, even though it can appear to be so. It's just recognizing how you are built and function.

You don't think it's a miracle when you hit the delete button and your email disappears from the screen. And you don't think it's a miracle when you run a search on your computer and find the file you were looking for.

You are no different.

The Yuen Method isn't limited to any one way of resolving problems, or using any one tool.

The Yuen Method starts with the leading weakness of the problem. Once you identify and acknowledge the leading weakness, it's deleted. Gone.

And once it's deleted, we look for the next leading weakness.

Using examples from above, the first leading weakness might be a limiting belief. If it is, we delete it.

Once deleted, we look for the next leading weakness. This time there might be a polarity that's affecting you. If it is, then we neutralize you to both sides of the polarity and 'collapse it'.

The third weakness might be traumatic experiences. If it is, we neutralize you to the experiences and delete the cumulative effects of it.

The Cumulative Effect: When Lots of Little Things Add Up

Deletion is a multistep process. When we say 'delete XYZ', there's a lot happening in that process.

One of the things happening is the deletion of the cumulative effects of the problem.

What happens when something bothers you? Does it bring up all the other times something similar has happened? Do you find yourself reliving past memories?

When that happens, you're dealing with two things.

  • First is the current thing, and
  • Second is all the memories and triggers of similar things from the past

Take anger as an example, or any emotion for that matter. When you experience anger, it should move through you pretty quickly.

The event happens, you experience anger, the anger dissipates, you move on.

What happens for many people, though, is that the anger doesn't dissipate. People in this situation often find old memories popping up. Memories of similar things that happened in the past.

Now they're dealing with current situation, plus the anger of all the other situations.

So in Yuen Method, we delete the cumulative effects of a problem. This means when you have an experience, it's only that current experience you're having. Not the hundreds or thousands of similar experiences from the past.

No Life Story, No Tears and No Drama!

This is all done very fast. There's no sitting there telling your life story. And you don't need to go over the same details that you've been over a million times before.

In fact, the story is often part of the problem. Remember from earlier: "It's never what you think it is".

Far from requiring you to spend hours telling your life story, the Yuen Method is the opposite.

With this work, less is more. You only need to describe the problem in one or two sentences. 

The Yuen Method Is NOT "Healing"

Dr. Yuen emphasizes that the Yuen Method is not about 'healing'. The analogy he likes to use is when you delete a file on your computer.

You just hit the delete button, right? You don't say you healed your computer by deleting the file from it!

To turn on your computer, you press the power button. The system boots up and you're ready to go. No healing took place. It's what you expected the computer to do, because it's what the computer is supposed to do.

Recall that a key understanding of the Yuen Method is that you are a bio-computer. As with all computers, you have 'bits of data' stored within your system.

It's the bits of data — or information — held within your consciousness that affects the flow of energy within and around you. Your unique information field allows your energy to flow freely, or it creates stagnation and blockages.

What Problems Can The Yuen Method Assist With?

It's a bit of a cliché, but the Yuen Method has the potential to resolve any problem you can think of.

If it exists as a problem for any human on the planet, then the Yuen Method can assist with resolving it.

There are key areas of your life where you might experience problems or challenges. Dr Yuen looks at the areas of life as follows:

  • Relationships
  • Less Ageing / Rejuventination
  • Finances / Career / Abundance
  • Time / Achievement / Fulfillment
  • Fitness / Body Reduction
  • Health

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