T9 – Lower Back Pain

I play Rugby, which is a very physical game, but due to the lower back problems I was suffering with I was not able to train or compete at the intensity required. I then spoke to my personal trainer who recommended me to Matt.

Originally, all I wanted was a massage but Matt could see that my back problem was being caused by something else: My Posture.

He showed me photos of myself and explained to me exactly why I was suffering with lower back pain. I had always thought I had good posture but when I saw that I hunched my shoulders, one side of the hip was elevated more than the other and I had and an unnatural twist, I was shocked.

At my first session, Matt gave me a menu of exercises to do in order to improve my posture. By doing just 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night, after just a couple of weeks I could see significant changes in my posture as well as reduced pain in my lower back.

I kept seeing Matt every 3 weeks and each time he’d give me new exercises to do. As each session and the weeks went by, my posture kept improving and the pains were slowly going, enabling me to play rugby at the intensity that was expected of me.

I think Matt is an excellent bloke who has been very honest with me from the very start. He is easy to talk to and is very professional in his manner and I want to thank him for everything he has done for me.

From a very Satisfied Client

Dean Ward
Rugby Player
London Nigeria RFC

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