T8 – Back and Hip Pain

I had been suffering on and off for 12 years with back problems. Many times I couldn’t sleep properly because of back pain. I used to visit my osteopath periodically – my pain would be relieved for a bit, but it always returned.

Matt Waters is the first practitioner to have made a serious difference to my life. That’s because although his treatment alleviates pain, his approach is different.

He doesn’t just address the symptoms – but looks at the underlying postural problems that are causing the symptoms! He gives you exercises that pull dysfunctional muscles back into use.

You therefore start to stand better (more aligned), and move better – EVERYTHING changes. And it’s a positive, snowballing cycle: as your muscles go back into the proper use that comes with better alignment, they don’t have to be exercised, as they are used daily by you.

I am living proof of Matt Waters’ effectiveness! I never have pain any more, and can’t recommend him too highly.

Kathy O’Shaugnessey
Fiction Author

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