T7 – Pain All Over

Prior to finding Matt and the Egoscue method, I was suffering from daily chronic pain for at least the last 5 years – lower and mid back, shoulder, knee, neck, ankle and at the front of the hip.

Through intense research I knew it was due to significant muscular and postural imbalances but I could never convince my numerous physiotherapists/doctors who only addressed my problem areas in isolation.

When I was diagnosed last year with Scoliosis I was determined to take another path and through research found the Egoscue method – it was a light bulb moment.

The program seemed to logically address/explain reasons for my symptoms and why over the years I had not seen improvements despite numerous daily physio programs/therapies.

The Egoscue method has helped me to reclaim my life and be able to do the simple things which many people take for granted, like driving, walking, sitting at my desk, breathing!

I may have a long road ahead, but for the first time in about 5 years I am seeing results and starting to live my life again. Matt has been great in tailoring my menus to take into account what I can and can’t do.

Since I began only two months ago I have seen about an 80% reduction in pain on a daily basis, I’ve even had a period of nearly three weeks when I was completely pain free – hurrah! Before I could barely crawl out of bed, now I am able to do many of the things I was frightened to do before.

My posture has definitely improved and I’m more aware of maintaining the correct posture throughout the day. I’m reawakening muscles, which were dormant, and although the exercises are sometimes hard it’s exhilarating because I am seeing progression.

As a therapist Matt is very positive, dedicated and supportive, most importantly he takes the time to listen. He wholly embraces the method in his everyday life and has given me specific but challenging menus, which fit with my lifestyle.

It’s great to work with someone who has had a similar experience to you and who is so supportive.

I think anyone who is experiencing the slightest twinge or has identified that they have postural imbalances should undertake the Egoscue method, as it is a powerful tool to avoid chronic pain.

I wish I had found the method earlier, it requires dedication and ultimately the results are based on what you put in, but it is totally worth it.

Alison Thompson
Project Manager
Indigo Blue Consultancy

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