T3 – Shoulder Blade and Arm Pain

Before I came to see Matt I was in constant pain. It had started about 2 years ago just on and off with pain in my shoulder. I went to an osteopath who “crunched” my shoulder and neck and told me I had a rib that was out of place.

This relieved the pressure for a while but it then started coming back more regularly until I was seeing her once every two weeks and the pain would only be eased for a couple of days until it never went away at all.

I couldn’t find a comfortable way to sleep and lying on the floor was so bad I would be crying with the pain.

I was on pain killers every 4 hours and she said I would probably need a scan at the hospital to find out what was really going on. I thought I would probably need surgery. It was then that I decided there must be another way.

My husband had heard about The Egoscue Method and this is how we found Matt and I haven’t looked back since.

Within a couple of months of seeing Matt, the pain had all but disappeared. He gave me an assessment, finding out what my symptoms were and by looking at my posture. He could tell straight away what the problem was and from then on gave me a program of corrective exercises to do.

I came out of my first session with no pain, which was unbelievable! He told me that it would probably come back, which it did, but no way near as bad as it had been before and from then on, it got gradually better and better until it didn’t return at all.

Whilst some of the exercises were time consuming and initially difficult to master, Matt also created an achievable routine which fitted in around a busy day. I’ve also been complimented by my friends and family on how good my posture is now.

My energy levels have increased enormously and I can again do the two things I enjoy – swimming and horse riding – which I had given up because of the pain.

Matt is a brilliant therapist who listens to you and takes the time to find out the best way to help you. He is often checking to make sure everything is OK and that there are no problems with the exercises.

He has a very calm attitude and makes you feel good about yourself. I consider him to be a good friend and would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends whether they are in pain or not.

I would never have believed that my pain was related to my posture and have seen and spoken to many people who would also benefit from this but are very sceptical about it. I would encourage anyone to try it.

Dolores Spencer
Data Input Clerk
Surrey, UK

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