T2 – Back and Neck Pain

I had suffered from back and neck pain for almost 10 years when I met Matt.  During that time I had seen numerous doctors, specialists and physios, none of whom had done any more than temporarily relieve my symptoms.  I had come to the conclusion that the only long-term solution would be a major career change to take me away from my desk bound job.

At the time I saw Matt, the tension in my condition was causing me considerable discomfort and almost constant headaches and nausea.  It was really affecting my quality of life.

Matt explained why I was suffering from these symptoms and how Egoscue works to allow the body the chance to heal itself. Within a week my symptoms had significantly improved.  Almost 18 months later the headaches and nausea are a thing of the past and the occasional neck and back aches are quite minor.

I think that Egoscue has been the breakthrough for me because of its holistic approach.  Unlike the doctors and physios who treated me over the years with pills, manipulation and heat treatment, Egoscue addresses the root cause of the condition rather than just the symptoms.

It does involve personal commitment in finding time to do the exercises, and pushing yourself to do them to maximum effect.  I have had occasional lapses but I consider that for me, the results more than outweigh the effort and I intend to carry on indefinitely.

I really enjoy working with Matt.  He makes sure that you understand not just what you are doing, but why. He is also very patient and non judgemental. If you have ever been told that the pain is all in your mind, this is the last thing that you will hear from Matt. I feel he has a genuine interest in helping others and improving their quality of life.

Caroline Sprod
Diplomatic Service Officer
Foreign and Commonwealth

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