T10 – Sciatica and Knee Pain

For 9 months I suffered with acute sciatica in my left buttock, down my left leg and into my left ankle, which often meant being in a lot of pain, even when I was lying in bed.

My right knee had also been very stiff for some time, which really ached if I sat for too long and kept it in one position.

I have had osteopathy and physiotherapy treatment for my sciatica but they only gave me temporary relief.

My son had used the Egoscue Method of exercises many years ago when he sustained a sports injury and he found Matt Waters through an internet search.

Whilst I’m not yet completely pain free, I’m happy to say that the vast majority of my sciatica has now gone and the stiffness in my right knee has also reduced significantly.

I was able to go to the theatre the other night and sit through the whole performance (2 hours) without having to stretch my leg out once! In the past, I couldn’t sit for more than half an hour without having to straighten my leg out or get up and walk around.

The other change I’ve experienced since doing my program of exercises is that I’m now able to get a good night’s sleep, as I no longer have any pain when I’m lying in bed.

Matt really analyses your posture and body alignment and is able to give hope instead of despair.

At last, with Matt’s clear assessment, patience and brilliant program of daily exercises, I have relief and a better quality of life.

Jeannette Shrives
Retired Teacher

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