T1 – Neck Back Pain

When I first went to see Matt I was suffering with neck, shoulder and upper back pain on a constant basis as well as recurring headaches. The pain was always worse as a result of sitting for long periods, which wasn’t so good as I spend a lot of time sitting at my computer for work.

In the past I had been to a physical therapist (another method) which didn’t really help much. I initially had some doubts about this approach also. However, Matt very clearly laid out what I was getting myself into and what this method involved.

I was quite surprised to notice an almost immediate effect. Progressively, over the following days and weeks, all my symptoms continued to improve. Matt continues to educate me as to why I was suffering from this pain and how this program is working on correcting the cause of the problem rather than simply addressing the symptoms.

I’m now at a point where my pain has vastly improved, allowing me to get through the day without feeling hindered by this issue!

Regina Kahl

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