Taking Photos For Your Posture Assessment &  Corrective Exercise Programs

Taking posture photos

In order for me to create a corrective exercise program for you, you'll need to send a set of photos over so I can assess your alignment and imbalances.

How To Take Your Photos

Ideally, you'll have someone take your photos for you. It's much easier to have someone take them than for you to try to do it by yourself (although it is possible).

I need to see 4 photos of you:

  • Front
  • Back
  • Left Side
  • Right Side

» Please take the photos in portrait mode (not landscape)

This Way Up

photos in portrait mode

Not This Way

photos in landscape mode

It's preferable you take them in 'old school' 6x4 size, but 16x9 (widescreen) is fine if you're not sure how to adjust your camera.

If you take them in 16x9, there's no need to trim them.

Optimal Positioning

  • If possible, stand in front of a plain wall so there is little / no distraction
  • Ask the person taking the pictures to line up the bottom of the picture with the skirting board so it's as straight as possible (rather than wonky)
  • Zoom in so you take up the whole frame, i.e. your feet are near the bottom edge of the picture and your head is near the top edge

An Example of A Good Set of Photos to Work With

Good set of posture photos

If you don't have a plain wall, don't stress! Just do the best you can :-)

What To Wear / Not To Wear For Your Pictures

  • Bear feet
  • If you have long hair, please tie it back


  • Wear a pair of shorts or underpants (that do NOT cover your knees - I need to see them!)
  • Preferably no top (being able to see the position of your shoulder blades, the musculature of your back and any deviations in the alignment of your spine helps a great deal in the assessment)


  • Shorts, as above
  • A sports bra if you have one

If not, a vest top would be good and failing that, a regular t-shirt is fine.

The more I can see of your body - especially your shoulder blades and spine etc. - the better for the assessment.

Ongoing Assessments

  • Send a new set of photos a couple of days before each new program
  • And continue to wear shorts + no top / shorts + sports bra (this allows me to make accurate ongoing assessments as to your progress)


You can make payment for your exercise program on this page. Once you've made payment, you will be redirected to a form to complete detailing your symptoms etc.

You only need to complete this form once, before your first program of exercises.

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