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When your body is out of balance, many things are affected. From your ability to take a full breath, to the aches and pains you have, to how much energy you have (and more).

Discover Your Muscle Imbalances — book cover

In this simple guide, you'll discover:

  • How to do a visual assessment of yourself so you can see your imbalances
  • 3 simple movement 'tests' that will allow you to feel your imbalances
  • Handy hints for making sense of your imbalances
Dr. Shuna Marr — Egoscue Testimonial

". . . And I have no pain."

Now my hips have balanced up and I can do the 'lotus' and 'tree' poses much more evenly at yoga.

I don't get sore knees when I run. My shoulders have more range of movement in my swimming. I can look over my shoulder easily. And I have no pain.

Dr. Shuna Marr, Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University

Regarding the exercises, I am getting better at all of them and I surprise myself feeling straighter and better balanced.

This is it for now, from a very happy me!

Simonetta Tuccuso, Brand Manager, UK

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