I’ve had a look at your website and it seems the work you do is aimed mainly towards people with back problems. I have ______ pain [your symptom] and I’m wondering if the work you do can help me?

How many appointments will I need?

Does that mean my therapy process is finished after 8 sessions?

How far apart are the sessions spaced?

How quickly do you think I will see a reduction in pain?

Do you think the Egoscue Method/MBF can help me?

How long would I have to spend on my exercise program?

Will I be sore after doing these exercises?

What are the length of appointments and how much do they cost?

I’m ready to start the process of restoring proper function to my body. What will be expected of me as a client?

Is it OK to take pain killers?

Is it OK to use heat / ice / infra red treatment while following the process?

Am I still able to continue training while working with you?

Is there a time of day when it’s best to do my corrective exercise program?

Can I do the exercises in any order?

Some of the exercises say to do a certain amount of reps and sets. Is it important to rest in between sets and, if so, how long should I rest?

Why is it necessary to do my corrective exercise program on a daily basis?

How is it possible to see and feel changes in my alignment so quickly?

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