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If you knew what your body was trying to tell you, what would it be saying?

What are your Points of View about your body, about what is possible to change, what's not possible to change and the thing we call 'ageing'?

What if there were tools available to unlock the places where you've been stuck and that have been holding you back?

Have you ever considered that your body knows everything that's going on with you and is ready and willing to communicate with you and help you move forward?

Through the tools of Access Consciousness® and The Egoscue Method®, it's possible to have more change than you never imagined possible.

What would it be like to have the changes you desire but haven't been able to achieve until now?

If you have questions or would like to get started, send me a message and I'll get back to you.

I respond to all emails within 24 hours, usually sooner during the week. If it's the weekend, I may take a little longer to get back to you.

Contact Information

Contact Info

Skype & Zoom Sessions

Skype Appointments with Matt Waters

I've worked with clients all over the world on Skype or Zoom.

Countries covered so far:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Austria
  • U.S.A
  • Cyprus
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Australia

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Access Bars Information & Investment

Having your 'Bars run' can create amazing change in your mind, your body and your life. That can sound like so many other 'miraculous' claims that are on websites today.

If you're a bit skeptical, that's understandable. That's one of the reasons I created such an in-depth page about The Bars that shares some of the science that is validating just how effective the process is.

Investment For Access Bars

A Bars session usually lasts 75 minutes.

It can also run to about an hour and occasionally a little longer. Your body and your energy will dictate how long to run it for.

You can take Bars session one at a time ... and you can purchase packages where you save.

Single Bars Session

Enjoy Access Bars as and when you feel like you need to get more space, more clarity and more ease in your body and your life.

1 x 75 minute session

£60 GBP

Just turn up for your session and pay on the day :-)

Power of 4 Package

Receiving Bars on a regular basis helps 'unstick' you and releases stuff that isn't working for you anymore. Get the Power of 4 and save 10% off what individual sessions would cost.

4 x 75 minute sessions
Save £25

£215 GBP

4 sessions must be used within 60 days of purchase and are non transferrable.

30 Day Transformation Package

Having your Bars run as and when you feel you need it can be an amazing experience...

But having yours Bars run 3 times per week for 4 weeks takes you and your body to a level that you may never have experience before.

Book the 30 Day Transformation Package (3 sessions per week for 4 weeks) and enjoy 25% off what individual sessions would cost.

12 x 75 minute sessions
Save £180

£540 GBP

All 12 sessions must be taken in the 30 day period and are non transferrable.

Egoscue Information & Investment

Get one-on-one guidance and personalized Egoscue programs of corrective exercises wherever in the world you are by working on Skype / Zoom or by pictures only.

If you have specific questions about The Egoscue Method, it's possible they're already answered on the Egoscue FAQs page.

If you don't see what you're looking for there, please feel free to get in touch.

Investment For Egoscue

Egoscue Online Sessions (via Skype or Zoom)


  • Assessment and preparation work prior to your appointment
  • 'Functional Testing' to provide greater feedback as to what's happening in your body
  • Step by step guidance and feedback on performing each exercise optimally (priceless)
  • Printable PDF document containing detailed written instructions for each exercise
  • Email support in between appointments


1st Appointment: Up to 90 minutes

Follow ups: 60 to 90 minutes

If the session over runs, the cost remains the same.


First Appointment

£90 GBP

(€100 EUR / $120 USD / $157 CAD)

Follow Up Appointments

£80 GBP

(€90 EUR / $105 USD / $140 CAD)

Please note: Payment is due before the session.

Dr. Shuna Marr Lecturer, Edinburgh Napier University

I was a bit wary and skeptical about how it might work on Skype ... however, it was really easy.

Now my hips have balanced up and I can do the ‘lotus’ and ‘tree’ poses much more evenly at yoga. I don’t get sore knees when I run. My shoulders have more range of movement in my swimming. I can look over my shoulder easily when I drive. And I have no pain.

I am totally delighted with the progress I have made, and what is best is that I am in control of it. It is not something that anyone is ‘doing’ for me. I am doing it for myself, with Matt’s guidance.

It’s been worth every penny I’ve paid for the Skype sessions...

What If I Don't Have A Decent Internet Connection or Our Time Zones Are Too Far Out?

In that case, the best way for us to work together is via the 'photos only' approach.

Egoscue 'Photos Only' Programs


  • Assessment and preparation work to create your corrective exercise program
  • Printable PDF document containing detailed written instructions for each exercise
  • Email support in between appointments


All 'Photos Only' Programs

£40 GBP

(€46 EUR / $52 USD / $70 CAD)

Please note: Payment is due before the program is created.

To get started, get in contact and we'll make arrangements and get you going.

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